Episode 2: Why Everyone Needs a Bucket Plan: Part 1

If you’re not bucket planning, you’re missing out on a practical strategy that could offer you a secure, worry-free retirement.

In part one of his new mini-series, Gary Alden shares why he’s a believer in bucket planning—a way of positioning assets to reduce the risks that could occur during retirement.

In this episode, Gary explains:

  • Why your investing strategy needs to change during retirement
  • The forgotten life stage between the accumulation and distribution of money—and why it matters
  • When and why to take an offensive stance with retirement savings
  • The three types of money: taxable, tax-free, and tax-deferred
  • Three retirement risks that Gary’s bucket plan helps to reduce

Tune in now and learn how bucket planning can help you prepare for a worry-free retirement.

Resources: Kingwood Investment Group | The Bucket Plan®: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement by Jason L. Smith